I’m finally in Amman!!!!!!!! It was my first time traveling by myself and for a first experience, that was rough. Two flights were delayed. BUT luckily, they were back to back so the fact that the second flight was delayed was reeeeaally lucky or else I would have missed it. Unfortunately, my luggage is missing…I’m really praying that it gets here by tonight since I kind of slacked on properly packing the handbag.

On a good note, this hotel is beautiful! We’re staying at the Le Royal in Amman and I think our guide mentioned yesterday that it’s the tallest building in the city. Only criticism: limited internet–unless you’re willing to pay big money. That kind of goes for a lot of things here though. I’ve met most of my group–they’re all pretty incredible people with a lot of different experiences. A couple of them have been to the Qatar/Egypt program that I’m leaving for on June 6th, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that.

Goals for right now include getting my luggage and getting my sleep schedule back on track (I haven’t slept properly in 36 soon to be 48 hours) but hopefully I wont have a problem staying awake today–the schedule looks incredible!


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