Moving On…

First off, I realize I’m doing horribly with this blog thing, but my excuse is that I had very limited internet access in Jordan. The Jordan trip was amazing! My group was so great and we had the chance to go hiking in Petra, swimming in the dead sea, holy biblical sites. When I get the chance, I’ll be posting pictures fo’ sho’. I really wish we would have spent more time in markets though–we only had a little less than a couple of hours. It’s official, my absoute favorite places to seek anywhere I go are local markets or souks and any body of water.

I’m in Qatar right now–WITH INTERNET!!! It’s so different from Egypt or Jordan–you can definitely tell most buildings are very new. There are relatively few actual Qataris living here. Someone told me it was anyhwere from a third to a fifth of the population is actually Qatari.  I met most of the fellow journalism students today, which was awesome. I’ll cut this short because I have an assignment and I really need sleep. I have to research a decent story idea and I’m also contemplating whether or not I should get a twitter account…


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