Aljazeera and Swine Flu

We got to visit the Aljazeera headquarters here in Doha! We went inside both the English and the Arabic stations. The english one was build about 3 year ago, which would explain why the newsroom kind of reminded me of a colorful spaceship.  The Arabic station was also pretty cool–like a typical newsroom but really nice with lots of cartoons and pictures. There was also a documentary building, a sports building (they plan on having 11 different sports channels!), and an Aljazeera children’s channel.  It was a pretty incredible experience and now I’m set on visiting the one in DC (in case you didn’t know that there was one). 

So, AUC has about 8 swine flu cases–meaning that we obviously can’t stay in the dorm when we go to Egypt. I think they’ve arranged a hotel for us, but how extremely unfortunate. The cases were all non-Egyptians and they were all at one dorm. Either way, I still can’t wait to be back in Egypt.

Lastly, I’ve been having a SERIOUS problem with stairs here. I’ve tripped and fallen more times than ever. It’s really strange. Just thought I would mention it…


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