The Ice-breaker Breaker

Today was fun. I found out that I was a complete air hockey FAILURE. It was incredibly fun though–I scored like half of the points…against me of course…Like in everything else, I will use the left-handedness excuse. It’s the same reason I can’t drive well or play soccer.

Besides that, the day was full of lectures–we had three today and two were very unnecessary. BUT I did see a really interesting video that I shared on my facebook but I’ll go ahead and share it here: If you don’t have 8 minutes to spare, watch the last three minutes because this junk is mind-blowing! Basically, they’re talking about an invention that allows you to “interact with your surroundings.” The “most controversial” one being the fact that you would be able to see information about someone upon meeting them (watch the video, seriously)!!!  So, I already get irritated at name tags because my first ice breaker “hi, I’m Yasmin. What’s your name?” is already a bust. So I can imagine what something like this would do–how would I even attempt to meet someone and maintain a converstation? I still don’t get how this fully works, but I’m thinking in the next 10 years, we’re all going to turn socially awkward because there will be no need to talk to anyone face to face anymore. I know that we all know this, but we are all getting so incredibly dependent on technology. Please tell me why I felt sad and incomplete without internet while in Jordan–it’s an issue and I admit to it.

To update, I think that there is a total of 9 swine flu cases in Egypt right now. There was talk (more than likely rumors) of closing airports. Hopeully, I will be stuck in Egypt by then instead of Qatar.


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